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CompTIA Train the Trainer (CTT+/MCT) Boot Camp 

Duration: 5 days 

CTT+ is highly interactive, participant-driven courses designed to cultivate the technical training and concept delivery skills in trainers, technicians, SMEs, presenters, sales and support staff in any organization. Students will connect abilities, theories and situations to create their most effective instructional styles. This course is accepted by Microsoft and ProSoft towards their MCT, MOUS-MI and CIW-AI credential. This course also designed to be used as thorough preparation for the CompTIA CTT+ credential.  



This course is ideal for trainers and presenters from all industries to improve their presentation skills. It offers the additional benefit of fulfilling the presentation skills component as mandated by Microsoft for MCT and CompTIA for CTT+ certification.



  • The complete CompTIA courseware. We pre-ship study materials for your preparation (upon request), and provide the complete CompTIA courseware for your training Boot Camp.      
  • Subject Matter Experts for instructors. Our instructors are unequaled among training providers, and hold the most prestigious certifications and cutting-edge, real world expertise.
  • They are available to you throughout the day for the length of the course for group instruction, lab exercise leadership and individual coaching.
  • We teach to accommodate every student's learning needs, including instruction, hands-on labs, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, question and answer drills, and friendly competitions between concurrently running classes.
  • Lab manuals, guidebooks, and Measure Up self-testing software are utilized to augment your courseware and instruction. And the instructors are with you every step of the way.
  • State-of-the-art educational facilities. The school has dedicated, well-equipped educational facilities where you will attend instruction and labs, and have access to comfortable study and lounging rooms. Our students consistently say our facilities are unsurpassed! 


 What's Included:  

  • Five (5) full days of Intensive instruction and labs.
  • Hands-on practice and skills development on real Dell Computers and servers.
  • Prep books covering the CompTIA exams,
  • Custom Courseware  and exceptional Practice Tests,
  • Exam vouchers, covering all of the CompTIA exams, and
  • Self Test™, Transcender® or MeasureUp Testing Software.

All Exams are delivered at the Training Center, which is an authorized Prometric and Pearson/VUE Testing Center . We will provide a large number of testing stations dedicated to the 

Boot Camp. A test administrator will be available throughout the day to register you for the tests. 



Adult Learning
• Characteristics of Adult Learners
• Understanding Learning Styles

Preparing for a Class
• Preparing Your Lesson Plan
• Chunking Information
• Using Icebreakers
• Deciding on Presentation Methods
• Using Examples and Analogies
• Using Humor
• Using Visual Aids
• Using the Appropriate Visual Aid
• Dealing with Varying Skill Sets
• Refining Your Plan
• Creating a Learning Environment

Delivering the Class
• Developing Communication Skills
• Using Your Body Effectively
• Building Rapport with Eye Contact
• Understanding Proxemics
• Voice Development
• Identification and Correction of Common Voice Problems
• Watching Your Vocabulary
• Active Listening
• Barriers to Effective Communication
• Beginning the Training Session
• Overview of Questioning
• Questioning Techniques
• Answering Questions
• A Model for Presenting Concepts
• Explain the Concept
• Demonstrate the Concept
• Guiding Exercises
• Managing Difficult Behaviors
• The End of the Training Session

Feedback and Evaluation
• Overview of Feedback
• Types of Feedback
• Guidelines for Giving Feedback
• Questioning Techniques to Elicit Feedback
• Encouraging Feedback
• End-of-Course Evaluations
• Self-Feedback

Resource Materials and Information
• The 14 Competencies
• MCT Certification
• Learning Style Inventory
• Scoring the Learning Style Inventory
• Adult Learning Models Worksheet
• Sample End-of-Course Evaluation 1
• Sample End-of-Course Evaluation 2
• Sample End-of-Course Evaluation 3
• Sample Self-Evaluation Form
• Sample Peer-Feedback Form
• Relaxation Exercise
• Voice
• Effective Pauses
• Caring for Your Voice
• Suggested Books
• Magazines and Trade Journals
• Web Sites
• Trade Organizations

Prepare the Performance Video
• Rehearse your video presentation with your real-world training content
• Ensure that all IBSTPI competencies have been meet
• Participate in peer feedback sessions to enhance video preparation
• Complete your best-effort 20 minute videotape


Academy Code of Honor  

The Academy guarantees that students shall pass all vendor examinations during the training program or may re-attend within one year of the program completion date. Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees. 

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