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MOS: Microsoft Office 2010 - Word Boot Camp 



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Duration: 1 Day


Microsoft Office Word 2010 delivers innovations that can help you easily create professional-quality documents, control distribution of sensitive information, and collaborate with others. This course also allows individuals to prepare for certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word 2010.


Lesson 1: Creating a Basic Word Document
• Identify the Elements of the User Interface
• Customize the Word Environment
• Enter Text in a Document
• Save a Document
• Open a Document in Different View Modes
• Print a Document
• Obtain Help in Word

Lesson 2: Editing a Word Document
• Navigate Through a Document and Select Text
• Modify Text
• Undo Text Changes
• Find and Replace Text

Lesson 3: Formatting Text in a Word Document
• Change Font Styles
• Highlight Text in a Document

Lesson 4: Formatting Paragraphs in a Word Document
• Set Tabs to Align Text
• Modify the Layout of a Paragraph
• Create Lists
• Apply Borders and Shading
• Apply Styles
• Manage Formatting

Lesson 5: Inserting Tables in a Word Document
• Create a Table
• Modify a Table
• Format a Table
• Convert Text to a Table

Lesson 6: Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects
• Insert Symbols and Special Characters
• Insert Illustrations in a Document

Lesson 7: Controlling the Appearance of the Pages in a Word Document
• Control the Layout of a Page
• Apply a Page Border and Color
• Add Watermarks
• Add Headers and Footers

Lesson 8: Proofreading a Word Document
• Check Spelling and Grammar
• Use the Thesaurus

Lesson 9: Managing Lists
• Sort a List
• Renumber a List
• Customize a List

Lesson 10: Customizing Tables and Charts
• Sort Table Data
• Control Cell Layout
• Perform Calculations in a Table
• Create Charts

Lesson 11: Creating Customized Formats with Styles and Themes
• Create or Modify a Text Style
• Create a Custom List or Table Style
• Apply Default and Customized Document Themes

Lesson 12: Modifying Pictures
• Resize a Picture
• Adjust the Picture Appearance Settings
• Wrap Text Around a Picture
• Insert and Format Screenshots in a Document

Lesson 13: Creating Customized Graphic Elements
• Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
• Draw Shapes
• Add WordArt and Other Special Effects to Text
• Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt

Lesson 14: Inserting Content Using Quick Parts
• Insert Building Blocks
• Create Building Blocks
• Modify Building Blocks
• Insert Fields Using Quick Parts

Lesson 15: Controlling Text Flow
• Control Paragraph Flow
• Insert Section Breaks
• Insert Columns
• Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow

Lesson 16: Using Templates to Automate Document Creation
• Create a Document Based on a Template
• Create a Template

Lesson 17: Automating the Mail Merge
• Use the Mail Merge Feature
• Merge Envelopes and Labels
• Create a Data Source Using Word

Lesson 18: Using Macros to Automate Tasks
• Automate Tasks Using Macros
• Create a Macro

Lesson 19: Using Microsoft Office Word 2010 with Other Programs
• Link a Word Document to an Excel Worksheet
• Send a Document Outline to Microsoft Office PowerPoint
• Send a Document as an Email Message

Lesson 20: Collaborating on Documents
• Modify User Information
• Send a Document for Review
• Review a Document
• Compare Document Changes
• Merge Document Changes
• Review Track Changes and Comments
• Coauthor a Document

Lesson 21: Managing Document Versions
• Create a New Document Version
• Compare Document Versions
• Merge Document Versions

Lesson 22: Adding Reference Marks and Notes
• Insert Bookmarks
• Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
• Add Captions
• Add Hyperlinks
• Add Cross-References
• Add Citations and a Bibliography

Lesson 23: Simplifying the Use of Long Documents
• Insert Blank and Cover Pages
• Insert an Index
• Insert a Table of Figures
• Insert a Table of Authorities
• Insert a Table of Contents
• Create a Master Document

Lesson 24: Securing a Document
• Hide Text
• Remove Personal Information from a Document
• Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions
• Add a Digital Signature to a Document
• Set a Password for a Document
• Restrict Document Access

Lesson 25: Creating Forms
• Add Form Fields to a Document
• Protect a Form
• Automate a Form


What's Included:

  • Authorized Courseware
  • Intensive Hands on Skills Development with an Experienced Subject Matter Expert
  • Hands on practice on real Servers and extended lab support 1.800.482.3172
  • Examination Vouchers  & Onsite Certification Testing
  • Academy Code of Honor: Test Pass Guarantee
  • Optional: Package for Hotel Accommodations, Lunch and Transportation

Academy Code of Honor:  
The Academy guarantees that students shall pass all vendor examinations during the training program or may re-attend within one year of the program completion date. Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees.  

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