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Microsoft Dynamics: AX 2012 Boot Camp



Click Here to View Schedules & Pricing and to Enroll Online



Duration: 5 Days





This 5-day class helps provide students with an overview of the basic technical features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and the tools available in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 development environment. Furthermore, the class builds on putting the techniques learned in Development I in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Development II in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 courses into practice directly in the application. It also introduces more advanced features of X++ and MorphX, and encourages the use of the Testing Framework to build for more reliable coding.

This course prepares you for Exam MB6-508 and Exam MB6-513





This course is intended for experienced systems consultants typically working for a Microsoft Dynamics partner that is selling, consulting, implementing, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.



What's Included:

  • Authorized Courseware
  • Intensive Hands on Skills Development with an Experienced Subject Matter Expert
  • Hands on practice on real Servers and extended lab support 1.800.482.3172
  • Examination Vouchers  & Onsite Certification Testing
  • Academy Code of Honor: Test Pass Guarantee
  • Optional: Package for Hotel Accommodations, Lunch and Transportation



Authorized Training:


The Academy is proud to be the #1 Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS) in Florida. 




Course Outline:

• Introduction
• Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX
• Architecture
• Development Environment
• Model Driven Architecture
• Licensing and Configuration

Data Dictionary
• Introduction
• MorphX and the Application Object Tree
• Tables
• Data Types: Primitive and Extended
• Creating Tables
• Indexes
• Relations
• Base Enumerations
• Views

User Interfaces
• Introduction
• Forms
• Joining Data Sources
• Menus Items
• Form Templates
• List Pages
• FactBoxes

• Introduction
• Definitions
• Set Up a New User
• Assign a User to a Role
• Change Duties on a Role
• Change Privileges on a Duty
• Assign a Permission to a Privilege
• Investigate Access

Introduction to X++
• Introduction
• Characteristics of X++
• Development Tools
• Reverse Engineering
• Best Practices

X++ Control Statements
• Introduction
• Introduction to Variables
• Operators
• Conditional Statements
• Loops
• Built-in Functions
• Communication Tools

Classes and Objects
• Introduction
• Classes
• Method Access Control
• Inheritance
• Objects
• Scoping and Parameters in X++
• Methods
• Referencing Object Methods
• Method Types
• Table as Classes
• Eventing

Accessing the Database
• Introduction
• Retrieving Data
• Data Manipulation
• Queries

Exception Handling
• Introduction
• Exceptions
• Try and Catch Exceptions
• Throwing Exceptions
• Optimistic Concurrency Exceptions

Security for Developers
• Introduction
• Permissions
• Security Policies
• Code Access Security
• Display Method Authorization

X++ Unit Test Framework
• Introduction
• Creating Test Cases
• Adding Methods to Test Cases
• Running Test Cases
• Build Test Projects and Suites

Working with Data
• Introduction
• While Select
• Query
• Caching
• Locking
• Temporary Tables
• InitFrom
• ParmTables
• Date Effectiveness
• Computed Columns in Views
• Data Integration

• Introduction
• Collection Classes
• Application Object Classes
• Application Substituted Kernel Classes
• RunBase Framework
• Args Object

• Introduction
• Architecture
• Data Sources
• Form Controls
• Form Methods
• Placement of Code
• Additional Controls

Visual Studio Integration
• Introduction
• Application Explorer
• Visual Studio Projects
• Managed Code Projects
• Deploying Managed Code
• Visual Studio Debugging Experience for X++

• Workflow Configuration
• Create a Workflow Category
• Create a Query
• Create a Workflow Type
• Enable Workflow on a Form
• Create a Workflow Approval
• Create Event Handlers
• Author a Workflow

Academy Code of Honor:  
The Academy guarantees that students shall pass all vendor examinations during the training program or may re-attend within one year of the program completion date. Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees.  

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