Student Referral Form

The Admissions Office encourages and welcomes student referrals from Alumni and other friends of The Academy. Students who have graduated The Academy, or who have a significant relationship with the school, have an understanding for the kind of student who would succeed and flourish with our curriculum and in this community. Students who are referred to The Academy by Alumni or other friends of the school, tend to apply and enroll at a higher percentage than students who find The Academy through other means. Please use this form as best you can to provide the opportunity to potential candidates who would benefit from attending The Academy. All starred (*) fields are required, and we would find it helpful if you would complete every field on the form. The more information we can learn about a student, the more we can help the student with the most appropriate and luseful information about The Academy. Thank you in advance for your assistance in the recruiting and admission process at The Academy.

Referral Information

I understand I am eligible to receive $100, if the person I’m referring on this form successfully completes enrollment at The Academy. This form must be submitted prior to the person completing their enrollment at The Academy.