Adobe Captivate Core Skills: Level 1


Duration: 2 Days


This two-day course teaches the core Adobe Captivate skills needed to create interactive eLearning content.

You will learn how to create a soft-skills lesson from scratch. You’ll learn to record and produce software demonstrations, and interactive training simulations.

By the time you finish, you’ll know how to control the mouse pointer and add such standard objects as text captions, images, characters, assets from the eLearning Brothers, and highlight boxes. You’ll be able to record, import and edit audio, and further enhance the learner experience by adding interactivity via click boxes, buttons, and text entry boxes.

Have you already created content using Microsoft PowerPoint? Don’t throw that presentation away. You’ll learn how to import existing PowerPoint content into Captivate.

Last, but not least, you’ll learn to publish your project in SWF and HTML5 formats so that your content can be uploaded to a web server for consumption on virtually any device, including the iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

*This class is suitable to users of Captivate 2019, 2017 and version 9*


Basic computer and file management skills are required for Core Skills level Adobe courses. Students should know how to – locate, copy and open files; create folders; arrange, re-size, minimize and maximize application windows; start and exit programs; manage the use of multiple programs simultaneously; and switch between open programs

What’s included?

  • Authorized Courseware
  • Intensive Hands on Skills Development with an Experienced Subject Matter Expert
  • Hands-on practice on real Servers and extended lab support 1.800.482.3172
  • Examination Vouchers & Onsite Certification Testing- (excluding Adobe and PMP Boot Camps)
  • Academy Code of Honor: Test Pass Guarantee
  • Optional: Package for Hotel Accommodations, Lunch and Transportation

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  • Instructor-Led (the best training format we offer)
  • Live Online Classroom – Online Instructor-Led
  • Self-Paced Video

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Module 1: Exploring Captivate

Explore a Finished Captivate Project
Zoom and Magnify
Navigate a Project
Explore and Reset the Workspace
Preview the Entire Project

Module 2: New Project & Soft Skills eLearning

Create a Blank Project
Add Images to Placeholders
Insert and Format a Text Button
Disable Click Sounds

Module 3: Recording Demos and Sims

Rehearse a Script
Review Recording Settings
Review Recording Modes
Record Using Multiple Modes
Record a Custom Simulation
Record a Demonstration that Pans
Manually Record the Screen

Module 4: Captions, Styles, and Timing

Insert and Edit Text Captions
Edit the Default Caption Style
Change a Callout Type Used by a Text Caption
Control Slide Timing
Control Slide Object Timing
Check Spelling
Align Slide Objects

Module 5: Images and Smart Shapes

Insert, Resize, and Restore an Image
Transform an Image
Use the Library
Manage Unused Project Assets
Crop and Rename an Image
Remove a Background Color
Insert Characters and eLearning Brother Assets
Insert a Cloud Callout
Create an Image Mask
Delete a Slide Background
Work with Photoshop Layers
Create an Image Slideshow

Module 6: Pointers, Paths, Boxes, and Buttons

Control Mouse Effects
Edit a Mouse Path
Clone an Object Style
Insert a Highlight Box
Insert an Image Button
Control Appear After Timing

Module 7: Rollovers and Zooms

Insert a Rollover Caption
Insert a Rollover Image
Insert a Rollover Slidelet
Insert a Zoom Area

Module 8: Audio

Import Audio onto a Slide Object
Import Background Audio
Add a Slide Note
Calibrate a Microphone
Record Slide Audio
Import Audio onto a Slide
Edit an Audio File
Insert Silence
Convert Text-to-Speech

Module 9: Video, Animation, and Effects

Insert a Flash Video
Set Flash Video Properties
Add Animation to a slide
Insert Text Animation
Apply an Effect to a Slide Object
Apply a Free Fall Effect to an Object
Edit Effect Timing

Module 10: Adding Interactivity

Hide the Mouse
Replace Phrases
Insert a Click Box
Insert a Text Entry Box
Module 11: Working With PowerPoint

Import PowerPoint slides
Resize One Object and Apply to All
Round-Trip PowerPoint Edits
Synch With Source
Rescale a Project

Module 12: Introduction to Question Slides

Edit Quizzing Object Styles
Set the Quiz Preferences
Insert Question slides
Insert Knowledge Check slides

Module 13: Finishing Touches

Create a link to a Web Site
Apply a Skin
Edit, Save and Delete a Skin
Create a TOC
Check Publish Settings and Add a Loading Screen
Publish an SWF and PDF
Run the HTML5 Tracker
Publish as HTML5
Publish as both SWF and HTML5 (Multiscreen)
Export Captions
Perform a “Round Trip”