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Kids and Teens IT Coding Summer Camp

The Code Academy and Broward College has teamed up to bring
KTC (Kids & Teens College) to the Fort Lauderdale Campus

Has your middle school or high school student shown an interest in Web Design, Writing Code, or in programming?

Here is your opportunity to give your student the lead advantage need to accomplish a successful career in the IT field.

As the IT Career field is constantly changing and growing, your student will have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve before they graduate from high school. This will give them and advantage over other students as they will able to gain real world experience while completing their college degree. They will also be able to receive the needed IT certifications that most IT employers require of prospective employees.

The Code Academy has partnered with Broward College’s Kids and Teens College (KTC) to teach students 10-15 years of age IT Coding

Through this Summer program, your child will be given the opportunity to gain a head start in IT education that will help them develop the pathway in technology needed to achieve their dream IT career.

During a 6 week course your child will learn:

  • Web Principles
  • Writing Code
  • Webpages
  • HTML5 features

much more!